Week 12 – Multimedia Blog

This is an article on how to do a perfect chroma key. What I really liked is that he goes into which color is best for what you’re trying to do.

5 Elements of a Great Chroma Key


Week 12 – Course Blog

Now I understand why Naomi loves the chroma key project so much! We had so much fun on Thursday afternoon. There was maybe ten of us in the room, cheering each other on and giving each other feedback. It was a great learning experience. I was so nervous going into it and I was 99 percent sure I was going to have to do as many takes as I did for the pan and tilt project, but I got it in two takes! And the first was because the prompter malfunctioned and there was nothing on the screen. I knew my script, but not that well! I was really proud of myself. I kinda want to do it over anyway just because I think I could do it better. But I’m still really proud of the one I have, Naomi gave it her stamp of approval too so that’s a plus!

Week 11 – Multimedia Blog

I can’t believe I totally forgot to post about this! A few weeks ago, students from a local middle school came to visit the FIU SJMC and they came to my South Florida News Service class. I was so impressed with how smart and journalist-like they were. One of the students even came up to me after class to ask if she could quote something I said. And that made me oddly nervous. I had that moment of panic I’m sure politicians have in a roomful of journalists like, “$#@&! What did I say?” But I didn’t want to discourage her and her doe eyes so I was said, “yeahhhhhh… sureeeeeee…”


Week 11 – Course Blog

Oh man, this Adobe Premier stuff is seriously complicated! So many layers to keep track of, I have no clue how I got through the 12 Miles of Christmas. Although funny enough, the hardest part for me is probably the easiest part to everyone else: the titles. I can’t get them to do what I want them to! Every time I log into the computer to shows the title screen a different way. First it used to pop up in a huge screen, then it was on a tab next to the sequence, and the third time it was a teeny-tiny window. And even if I write the same numbers for the positions on each title, they end up in totally different places! I don’t get it.

But I am excited to start working on the chroma key project next week. I’m sure I’ll mess up fifty times as soon as I see the camera turn on. I tried to stick to a topic I’ve become super familiar with the past few weeks, hopefully that helps!