InDesign Extra Credit Assignment

InDesign Extra Credit Assignment



I can’t believe it’s the last week of the semester already. I feel like we got started just the other day. I remember our first real project was to fix some pictures on Photoshop and I was so lost (I still hate the clone tool!). Our next one was the Still Image Project and it wasn’t as bad, I ha already gotten the hang of most of the tools (except the clone and now the title tool). And then began the headaches: the projects that included audio. Oh man! I hate the sound of my own voice more than ever! But I had so much fun learning how to use Audacity and Premier. An although we learned how to use so many different types of software in such a short time, it doesn’t feel like it was too much crammed in. I obviously don’t feel like I’m an expert but I’m definitely comfortable and familiar enough with each one to put in on my resume as a skill. Overall, I’m really happy with the class. It was a great learning experience.

Week 13 – Course Blog

I knew something was wrong with my WordPress when I kept typing an the word counter at the bottom wouldn’t move past zero! Here’s take two of my Week 13 blog post:

I showed my boyfriend how it’s done and he is just as fascinated as I am so we bought a green screen on eBay for like $15. We know our friends will get a kick out of it too. But we know it was a dumb investment because now we need fancy lights and that’s going to get expensive. Whatever, even if it’s not perfect we’ll still have fun.

I was surprised how easy it was to substitute the green screen for a virtual set. It was like a two-minute thing! What took me almost a half-hour though was getting the stupid picture to fit inside the box! I originally wanted to have a series of piggy bank images changing depending on what I was talking about but there was no way I was going through that again! My next goal is to master that.